What are the Advantages of High Tg PCB?

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2022-10-13 11:21:20

When the temperature rises to a certain critical value, the PCB substrate will change from a glass state to a rubber state. The critical value of this temperature is the Tg value, so why use a high Tg PCB, and what are the specific advantages?

1. Heat Resistance

The high-density mounting technology represented by SMT and CMT makes the PCB more and more inseparable from the high heat resistance support of the base material in terms of small aperture, circuit refinement and thinning. Ordinary Tg boards will soften and deform at high temperatures, while high Tg PCB have better heat resistance and can still maintain excellent physical and mechanical properties under high temperature conditions.

2. Moisture Resistance

Moisture is destructive to the PCB and can greatly reduce the insulation resistance between conductors. Compared with ordinary PCB, high Tg PCB have better moisture resistance.

3. Stability

With the development of the electronics industry, many electronic products are developing towards high performance and multi-function, which means that PCB needs better stability. If theTg value of the PCB base material is increased, it not only improves the heat resistance and moisture resistance, but also greatly improves the stability of the PCB.

4. Designed to withstand high power density

If the device has high power density and fairly high heat generation, then a high Tg PCB would be a good solution for thermal management.

5. Ideal for HDI PCB

Due to the more compact design of the HDI PCB, the circuits are denser. Based on the above characteristics, if HDI PCB adopts high Tg base material, it will be a more ideal choice.

In summary, high Tg substrates are significantly better than ordinary PCB base materials. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, more and more customers are required to make high Tg PCB, and their products are used in different fields. HoYoGo is an international, professional and reliable PCB manufacturer, if you also have the need to make high Tg PCB, welcome to contact us!