Seven Advantages of BGA Packaging

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2022-09-08 18:00:20

BGA packaging is now he mainstream packaging method. It has many advantages. Do you know what they are?

1. Small size

The BGA package only has chips, interconnect lines, thin substrates and plastic covers, with few exposed components and no large pins. The height of the entire chip on the PCB can be 1.2 mm.

2. Large Storage Space

Compared with other types of packaging technologies, memory products and operating products using BGA packages will increase by more than 2.1 times in terms of memory capacity and operating speed.

3. High Stability

Since the pins of the BGA package are directly extended from the center of the chip to the surroundings, the transmission path of various signals is effectively shortened, the attenuation of the signal is reduced, the response speed and anti-interference ability are improved, and the stability of the product is increased.

4. Facilitate Repair

The pins of the BGA package look neatly arranged at the bottom, and it is easy to find the damaged position for removal according to the alignment, which is conducive to the rework of the BGA chip.

5. Firm

The BGA package is very strong, and the BGA has no pins that can be bent and broken. Generally, the BGA needs to be removed by using a BGA rework station at high temperature.

6. Avoid Wiring Clutter

The BGA package can put many power and ground pins in the middle, and the leads of the I/O port are placed on the periphery, which can be pre-wired on the BGA substrate to avoid confusion in the I/O port wiring.

7. Good heat dissipation

The heat dissipation performance of BGA is good, and the chip temperature is close to the ambient temperature during operation.