Classification of Aluminum PCB

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2022-06-30 19:22:05

Compared with FR4, the aluminum PCB can minimize the thermal resistance, so that the aluminum PCB has excellent thermal conductivity. aluminum pcbs can be divided into 5 categories: single layer aluminum PCB, multilayer aluminum pcb, mixed aluminum pcb, through hole aluminum pcb, and flexible aluminum pcb.

1. Single Layer Aluminum PCB

Single layer aluminum pcb is the most common one. Compared with other types of aluminum pcb, its technology process is simple, and its applications are particularly wide. It is often used in LED lighting products. Generally, a single layer pcb is composed of a 3 layer structure, which is a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer.

2. Multilayer Aluminum PCB

In the high-performance power supply market, multilayer aluminum pcb are made of multilayer thermally conductive dielectrics. These structures have one or more layers of circuits buried in the dielectric, and blind vias are used as thermal vias or signal paths.

3. Mixed Aluminum PCB

The most common is a 2 layer or 4 layer subassembly made of traditional FR4, which is bonded to an aluminum pcb with a thermoelectric dielectric to help dissipate heat.

4. Through Hole Aluminum PCB

In the most complex structure, a layer of aluminum can form the "core" of a multilayer thermal structure. Before lamination, the aluminum is electroplated and filled with dielectric. Once laminated, the finished component is similar to a traditional multilayer aluminum pcb and needs to be drilled and plated through holes to pass through the gaps in the aluminum to maintain electrical insulation.

5. Flexible Aluminum PCB

One of the latest developments in IMS materials is flexible dielectrics. These materials can provide excellent electrical insulation, flexibility and thermal conductivity. When applied to flexible aluminum materials, the product can achieve various shapes and angles, which can eliminate expensive fixing devices, cables and connectors.

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