HoYoGo's March Birthday Party

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2022-04-12 11:14:53

On March 25, 2022, this spring day, HoYoGo welcomed a warm birthday party in March! There were hearty delicacies, generous performance bonuses, sweet cakes, birthday gifts and flowers.

At first, Yumi spoke:

No matter what position we are in, we carry out our work with the customers products and serve customer as the core center. Because of this, our overall competitiveness in the market is stronger, so we can make many special boards. In this way, the entire team will have more advantages in the market.

She also said: The products should be diversified, and markets should be more regionalized, so as to improve our overall anti-risk capability. In the face of customers whose price requirements are lower than the cost, we also firmly say no. Facing the market, we must have the momentum and confidence that we should have. As the saying goes, cheap isn't all that good. Especially in this special period, we should pay more attention to the risk, because when the price is lower than the market price, we will face great risks, which is determined by the rule of the market. In this special period, it is also a good opportunity for us to explore and develop. We must have such acuity and sensitivity.

The social environment is changing, and sales teams and production teams must be pragmatic. Even when the overall economic environment is not good, we have to strengthen and enhance the competitiveness of the whole HoYoGo. And we will not be arrogant and will not give up any customer, this is our attitude to each customer.

Performance and Reward:

In January and February, the company achieved good results with the joint efforts and cooperation of everyone, so Mr. Liu gave rewards to those who performed well, thanking them for their selfless dedication and hard work, defending their own position.

Then, Mr. Liu presented exclusive gifts and flowers to birthday staff from to March, and congratulated him on his happy birthday!

Congratulations on Personal Promotion:

Congratulations to Pretty-girl from the Market Department for her promotion from Merchandiser to Gold Merchandiser. Hope she will continue to work hard and become better and better!

The first lesson of the New Year in 2022:

Later, Mr. Liu took the opportunity of the birthday party to teach us "The First Lesson of the New Year in 2022", and every colleague listened carefully and benefited a lot.

Class summary: We must continue to learn, from the perspective of cognition, from the perspective of mentality, from the perspective of method, and from the use of tools, through learning to make ourselves to become a wise people, become the company's pioneer backbone, so as to develop together with the company and do our best for position, perform well on stage life.

Then every person to enjoy the hearty food!

Birthday Celebration:

The well-prepared birthday cake was slowly presented, and the birthday staff made wishes along with birthday songs, and then blew out the candles. HoYoGo people wish the birthday person a happy birthday!