HOYOGO 2022 New Year's Party

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2022-03-21 17:29:23

The days go by so fast, like the speed of taking a step. Everything looks new as the years go by. History has turned a new page, and we have also welcomed in a new year. 2021 was the first decade of HOYOGO. In last year: In April, the first battlewas a success, the Marketing Department won the largest order, everyone also got double performance red envelopes, and several colleagues received promotion spree. In May, we still had a 1.33x bonus, which was not bad. On July 29, the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the company, we also achieved 2.5 times the performance, which is the icing on the cake and complements each other. In August, we started a three-day and two-night in Qingyuan hot spring vacation tour. We had a great time and are happy to be home. On September 28, the Market Department received big orders on the same day, and we also achieved 1.5 times of performance.

These records are constantly being broken, and the historical highs are constantly rising, which is the result of the whole-hearted dedication of all HOYOGO people throughout the year! What's past is prologue. Every seed that counts through winter has a dream about spring. We are rooted in the soil of HOYOGO, and we are not afraid of all the trials, because this is the place of our dreams. Even if the thorns are still there, we still lead to the top of the mountain. It's worth keeping on our feet, it's worth sticking to our teeth. We hope that in 2022, we will promise each other, warm each other, and move forward with each other.

President Liu said:

Time flies, one year has passed. Looking back on the past year, our company has grown a lot, especially the production quality team, which has changed a lot. Both the quality and the delivery time have made a qualitative leap. Although the past year was full of challenges, this year, our performance has been improved by 30.98%. The downside is that the net profit in 2021 has shrunk a lot compared to the same period last year. However, in all walks of life across the country, under the circumstance that raw materials are increasing price wildly, under the circumstance that the COVID-19 epidemic has not been effectively controlled abroad, and under the circumstance that the foreign exchange RMB is constantly appreciating against the US dollar, the shrinking of profits is also expected. Nothing can be perfect, and no one can be perfect. We must correctly face the shortcomings, adjust our strategies, formulate long-term strategic goals for the company, maintain the overall battle formation of all employees, and cheers to even greater success in 2022!

2021 was history, but 2022 is full of expectations. As long as all members of the company are united in their hearts and strengths, they will surely be able to take a beautiful melody and a light pace. The bright future of the company requires the joint efforts of all employees, and it requires everyone to never give up. As long as we walk on the right path, even if we walk slowly, it is fine to walk slowly. He also shared that the People's Daily said to "accepting yourself for every time period".

We have to accept our imperfect selves, and we must walk on the right path. As long as the direction is correct, one day, you can go to the distance you want to reach. The ancient Monastic people often said that "the Tao is within oneself, and there is no Tao outside the body". It means that we must be our own masters, we must give full play to our own subjective initiative, look inward for everything, find reasons and methods from ourselves, and strive to improve our own self-cultivation. Guard against arrogance and impetuosity, be conscious, disciplined, and independent, and cultivate peace of mind to follow the path of inner sage and outer king.

If you don't accumulate a few steps, you can't reach a thousand miles; if you don't accumulate a small stream, you can't make a river or sea. All employees of our company should continue to learn, constantly sum up experience and lessons, help each other and make progress together. Let us work together to build HoYoGo into a learning team, a continuous improvement team, and a team that is envied by outsiders!

Finally, he hoped our companys the future will get better and better, and the performance will reach the standard every year! He also wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year in advance, good health, good luck, and prosperous wealth!

Yumi spoke:

Today's HOYOGO is thriving. This thriving fruit is due to the perseverance of HOYOGO people. It is very important for everyone to react quickly in the work position, because rapid response will bring us good luck, good luck and good opportunities are closely linked. Destiny is fair to everyone, it will give everyone several opportunities, and every opportunity is worth cherishing. The so-called good luck is the result of hard work on the road of struggle. HOYOGO's culture is upright and sonorous powerful!

She also said that in 2021, Mr. Liu requested that this year be the year of culture implementation, and culture is very important to a team, a family, and a nation. Culture is the soul that a nation depends on for its long-term survival.

Corporate culture is the spirit of an enterprise. A company without spirit cannot grow, and a person without spirit cannot live happily. Talent and external cultivation are easy, but spirit and cultivation are not so easy, but no matter where we are, we must set sail and cultivate ourselves.

Reward Senior Staffs:

The love for the career, the recognition of the company, and the recognition of the values have been through thick and thin for more than ten years, HOYOGO was grateful to work with you hand in hand!

Reward Excellent Employees:

Congratulations to 3 colleagues who won the 2021 Outstanding Employee Award through a series of selections!

Then, Mr. Liu presented gifts to the birthday staffs in January and congratulated them with a happy birthday!

Immediately afterwards, the food were served up the table one after another, and everyone enjoyed the sumptuous delicious food together!

Lucky Draw:

We ran multiple rounds of draws, and below are the photos of the winners.

Second Prize Winners:

Third Prize Winners:

First Prize Winners:

Third Prize Winners:

Grand Prize Winners:

Third Prize Winners:

We also played a variety of fun games during this period.

Performance and Reward:

In December 2021, with the joint efforts and cooperation of everyone, the company rewarded those who perform well, thanking them for their selfless dedication and hard work for themselves, and guarding their own position.

Birthday Celebration:

There were sweet cakes, red wine, and generous gifts at the scene. We sang the birthday song and hoped the birthday stars a happy birthday!

2021 has came to a successful conclusion. In the new year, HOYOGO people will continue to get ready to fight for 2022! Come on!