HoYoGo's Novomber-December 2021 Birthday Party

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2022-03-08 18:10:01

Farewelled to 2021 and welcomed 2022, HoYoGo welcomed its employeess November-December birthday party! At the beginning of the birthday party, the birthday stars employees received the birthday cake prepared by the company. Along with the birthday song, the birthday stars blew out the birthday candles with the blessing of the HoYoGo people, cut the birthday cake together, and shared the joy of birthday!

Then, Yumi spoke:

At work, we showed our trust and our value in our position. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

She also said that our turnover in 2021 was better than in 2020, and we doubled our performance in many months in 2021. This is because we value "reply in time" as our work criterion, because when time is passed, the opportunities are missed, and the timing and the good opportunities coexist, so it is very important to reply in time!

Mr. Liu Spoke

That day was the last day of 2021, no matter what our 2021 was, as long as we were safe in 2021, peace is our greatest happiness!

His judgment for 2022 is that our export corporate will be better and better, which is a good thing for us. From a perspective, the concentration will be higher and higher. As customers become more concentrated, we should support better and the service should be much better. Through our comprehensive competitiveness, more customers will be satisfied with us, trust us.

Performance and Reward:

In October and November, with the joint efforts and cooperation of everyone, the company would reward those who perform well, thank them for their selfless dedication and hard work for themselves, and guard their own position.

Issue Birthday Gifts:

Mr. Liu presents exclusive gifts and beautiful flowers to those who are celebrating their birthdays in November-December, wishing them happy birthday!

Then, everyone went to the restaurant reserved by the company for the dinner. It is really suitable to eat hot pot in winter, and every bite is happiness!

Finally, we wish to HoYoGo a prosperous future! In the new year, may you all continue to cheer up!