Happy Trip for HoYoGo

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2021-08-05 20:27:59

In this hot summer, HOYOGO ushered in our first "decade", so our HOYOGO leader Mr. Liu and Yumi, let a part of our members and their lovers come on a "mind-purifying journey", Time : July 31st-August 2nd, Location: Qingyuan.

Qingyuan, because the map of Qingyuan looks like a phoenix, Qingyuan is also known as Fengcheng, and is known as the "Hometown of Hot Springs in China", "Hometown of Chinese Dragon Boats", and "Hometown of Drifting in China". On the morning of July 31st, staffs gathered in our company downstairs and took a pink tourist bus to the beautiful Qingyuan. On the way, we met an interesting guide. He led us to play and sing together. We waved the flag of HOYOGO, in the laughter, we soon arrived in Qingyuan. We stopped the bus and tasted Qingyuans food "Qingyuan Walking Chicken"-Tongpan Chicken in a small farmhouse. This meal also officially kicked off our trip to Qingyuan.

There is a saying that travel is just eating, drinking, and having fun. After eating and drinking, we start having fun. We arrive at the first stop----Niuyuzui Scenic Area: lake boating, jungle exploration, off-road fleet, excitement Expeditions are on the menu. Looking at everyone with a youthful smile on their faces, as one of the HOYOGO members, I feel immensely proud and happy.

Under the beautiful sunset, we arrived at the hotel. Under the guidance of the tour guide, everyone quickly checking in. Qingyuan is our hot spring town, so enjoying hot springs are an indispensable item. All kinds of hot springs let us Dazzled, we want to try all. The first day of travel ended in the warm hot springs.

In the hotel early in the morning, the cool breeze was blowing slowly, without any ripples. Everything looks just right. On the second day after the hot spring, the whole body was full of vitality, everyone is looking forward to next stop ----the Gulong Gorge.

Mountain climbing, high-altitude glass path, thrilling rafting, this may be the so-called "landscape tourism", the temperature is high, the sun is full, and the body is also tired, but in the lush woods, nothing seems to be important. Our members of HOYOGO have this kind of spirit. Even though the body is exhausted, we still have a heart that yearns for nature, enthusiasm and bravery.

The time in Gulongxia passed very quickly, and we were really happy. It allows us to see the beauty of nature. When we left, it rained suddenly , As if reluctant to leave us. Goodbye, Gulongxia. We want to come back here again.

The two days passed quickly, but it seemed to be very slow, because we visited a lot of places and saw the customs of Qingyuan. On the last day of the journey, we came to the flower town, there are a lot of flowers, a lot of trees, and a lot of lawns. We played on the lawn.

A few simple games, let us become one, "We are the best team."Pat the shoulders of your friends around you, shouting word by word together, this is the best team, change direction”—everyone holds hands and keeps moving towards the same a change of direction, this is the team, "the multiple of 7"-the prohibition of the number 7 is our members tacit understanding, this is the team, "card recognition"-the understanding of things, trust in partners, this is the team, the team of HOYOGO.

We are not only colleagues at work, but also partners in life. At the end of this journey, we made a delicious lunch for our closest partners by ourselves because a delicious lunch makes the HOYOGO team more alive.

After three days of travel, we have seen the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland and the beauty of our nature. It is the nature that gives us life. In front of nature, each of us is so small.

Very thankful for this trip, for some people, travel is escape and relaxation, but I feel more and more that travel is learning, a process of reshaping personality, giving myself a chance to re-examine myself, because we will meet many outstanding people along the way. We will find our own shortcomings, and when you return to your own world, you will have unlimited power to work hard to become better, we will continue to work hard and move forward to all good things. The meaning of life is to keep moving forward. Come on, HOYOGO, Come on, the members of HOYOGO!

10th anniversary of HoYoGo.

Wish it a long and thriving life to eternalize the life of the tortoise and crane.