HOYOGO’s May Birthday Party

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2021-06-03 09:57:28

On May 24, 2021, HOYOGO welcomed its employeesbirthday party. HoYoGo’s management concept is In pursuit of happiness of all employees’ material and spiritual life, meanwhile make contributions to society. At the birthday party, we can get closer to each other, receive honors and awards for the good job we did last Month. Everybody is happy.

At first, Mr. Liu shared,

He recently read "Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Educated Youth”. This book reproduces the youthful face of the young Xi Jinping, who is rooted in the Shanbei Plateau and has shared joys and sorrows with the people for seven years. It depicts young Xi Jinping's unswerving ideal pursuit and rooted patriotism for the people.

So, Mr.Liu hopes that no matter which big company or prestigious school we came from before, Since we came to HoYoGo, we may as well stay here and make the best of it. Our future is shaped by the determination we have, experience we accumulated and the social connections we built. Only in this way can we play our role when a chance comes to us some day. What makes a corporate go further and further must be the corporate’s culture and value it promotes. Only each of us truly recognize our corporate’s culture will it deeply rooted in our hearts, will we contribute to the development of the corporate selflessly. He hopes that everyone will think about the corporate culture and study it. He also hope that this year, with the joint efforts of the Human Resources Department, the corporate culture can be truly implemented.

Then, Yumi shared:

We must promote the culture of "criticism and self-criticism", and no matter what position we are in, we must help our colleagues to grow and progress together. When everyone makes progress together, the company will have a better future.
last month, the two most representatives of Manager Ivy from the Merchandising Department and Manager Mr. Yu from the Purchasing Departments, made outstanding contributions to the team and achieved outstanding results. What they did good our performance in April. We all expressed our gratitude. Yumi also shared: Everyone has his own battlefield. From ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’ is lack of an ‘action’ to be implemented. And ‘action’ is our common quality. No one can work without any pressure, and actions always speak louder than words. What’s more, persistence is also precious. The person who is hot arrogant, not irritable and always keeping calm is able to seize opportunities. What results of your life depends on what actions you take.

Yumi also said that in fact, many factories (95%) in the PCB industry are losing money this year. Under such a tough circumstance of PCB market, no one can guarantee the company will be always profitable. While HoYoGo is the place where the heart is and where the love is , so we should never lose our competitiveness at any time. She hopes we all continue to cheer! Create success together!

Then, Mr. Liu presented gifts to the birthmen and congratulated them happy birthday!

Next was the reward part that everyone likes.

Congratulations on Personal Promotion
Congratulations to Ms. Huang (Ivy), Merchandiser Department, for being promoted to manager. Hope she can shoulder the mission, carry on the past and the future, never stop moving!

Congratulations on Full Member Turning:

Congratulations to all the staff from QA Department, Finance Department and HR Department who have become regular employees and become members of HOYOYGO.

Performance and Overtime Reward

With all members’ joint offorts and collaboration, HoYoGo achieved great economic results in April and everyone got a good performance. And Mr.Liu rewarded some employees for their overtime work.

When the reward link was over, everyone can’t wait to enjoy the food.

Then comes to the birthday celebration part, birthmen made their wishes for future in front of the birthday cake, sharing the sweet cake with everyone, which is full of warmth and love. Happy birthday to them! Wish them full of peace and joy, Worry-free every year!

The happy birthday party has ended. May the company a prosperous development and performance! Also hope all the members of HoYoGo will join hands together to create a better and brilliant future that belongs to us.