What are the Basic Processes for Manufacturing Circuit Board?

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2020-01-13 10:23:56

Circuit Board process technology is developing very fast, and each different PCB manufacturer uses different process technologies. Different types and requirements of circuit board also need adopt different manufacturing techniques, but in these different techniques, there are many essential basic processes that are similar. So, what are the essential processes when manufacturing circuit board?

1. Basemap Film Manufacturing Board

The basemap film determines the pattern to be configured when circuit board is manufactured. Moreover, no matter which technical method is adopted in the production process of the circuit board, it is necessary to use a base film film which meets the quality requirements. Therefore, the basemap film is an important tool when manufacturing circuit boards, and it is also the first step in manufacturing techniques.

2. Pattern Transferring

After manufacturing the baseboard, transfer the designed circuit diagram to the copper-clad laminate. This process is called pattern transfer. If the method of screen printing is used for pattern transfer when the circuit board is manufactured, firstly, a layer of paint film or adhesive film should be coated and adhered on the screen, and then the printed circuit diagram can be made into a hollow pattern as required. When printing, just position the copper-clad laminate on the bottom board, so that the silkscreen and the copper-clad laminate directly contact and print, and then dry and repair the after the print.

3. Chemical Etching

During circuit board manufacturing, etching is often referred to as rotten board. It uses chemical methods to remove unwanted copper foil on the board, leaving patterns such as pads, printed wires and symbols. In order to ensure the quality, pre-etching should be performed before etching, that is, immerse the copper-clad laminate printed with the resist pattern in the etching solution, and then dip the etching solution with a pen or a writing brush, and then brush the board horizontally and vertically to check the pattern transfer quality.

The above are the essential basic processes of circuit boards manufacturing. HOYOGO circuit board manufacturing company will take every manufacturing step seriously to ensure the quality of the circuit board. Whenever etching is completed, hole metallization and metal coating are required, and then effective soldering is performed to complete the entire circuit board manufacturing process.