Tips for PCB to Carry High Current

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2024-07-09 18:22:33

PCB is a common basic component in electronic products. It is used to connect and support electronic components. In some special applications, PCB may need to carry high current. Do you know how to make a PCB carry high current?

1. Select the Suitable Material

In order for PCB to maintain efficient and reliable operation in high current-carrying applications, materials need to be selected with high conductivity and high temperature tolerance. In most cases, copper is considered the commonly used conductive material. In order to improve the conductivity, thick copper foil can be considered. In addition, it is important to understand the maximum temperature tolerance of the material to ensure that the PCB can maintain normal operation under high load conditions.

2. Increase the Wire Width

When the PCB needs to carry higher current, the width of the wire will directly affect its conductive ability. Wider wires reduce resistance and heating while reducing line voltage drop. When designing PCB routing, select the appropriate wire width based on the size of the current, which can be determined through online calculation tools or by referring to the IPC-2152 standard.

3. Increase the Copper Foil Area

In order to enhance the conductive performance of PCB, you can consider increasing the coverage area of copper foil. This can be achieved by increasing the thickness of the copper foil or expanding its coverage area. Generally, the method of pouring copper on the inner layer can significantly increase the area of the copper foil, thereby improving the carrying capacity of the PCB.

4. Optimize PCB Layout

In the process of PCB design, layout will have an important impact on current transmission. So, in the design of high currency PCB, it is need to optimize the layout, and put the current part in the center of the board, and ensure reasonable planning of wiring paths to reduce the path length and resistance of the current.

5. Use Thermal Testing and Simulation Tools

For designs where PCB carry high currents, heat is a key consideration. It is necessary to use thermal testing tools, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras, which can help find hot spots on the board and identify potential problems in time. In addition, the use of simulation tools, such as electrothermal simulation software, can predict the temperature distribution under high load conditions to evaluate the reliability of the PCB design.

In addition to the above 5 points, high current PCB should also be paid attention to matters such as heat treatment, prevent overload, insulation and safety, detection and monitor, etc. With proper design and operation, the reliability and stability of the PCB when carrying high currents can be ensured.

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