How to Check the Quality of PCBA Manual Welding

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2024-05-23 18:10:48

Welding is to reliably connect all kinds of components that make up the complete machine product, and its quality is closely related to the quality of the complete machine product. The quality of each solder joint affects the stability, reliability and electrical performance of the entire machine. Do you know how to check the welding quality of PCBA manual welding?

1. Quality Requirement for Manual Welding

1) Electrical contact should be good: Good solder joints should have reliable electrical connection performance, and phenomena such as false soldering and bridging are not allowed.

2) Mechanical strength must be reliable: It is necessary to ensure that the solder joints will not fall off due to normal vibration during use.

3) Should maintain a beautiful appearance: The surface of a good solder joint should be smooth, bright, and free from sharp edges, wrinkles, bubbles, slag inclusions, and pitting. The transition from the solder to the metal to be welded should present a sleek and smooth wetted concave surface.

2. Quality Inspection Method of Manual Welding

1) Visual Inspection

Visual inspection refers to visually checking whether the welding quality is qualified and whether the solder joints are defective. The main contents of visual inspection are:

Whether there is any solder skip;

Whether the gloss of the solder joints is good and whether the solder is enough;

Whether there is bridging or peaking;

Whether there are cracks in the solder joints;

Whether the solder pads are warped or peeled off;

Whether there is residual flux around the solder joints;

Whether the wires are partially or completely broken, the outer skin is burnt, or the core wires are exposed.

2) Touch Inspection

Touch inspection is mainly involves touching the components with your fingers, holding the component leads with tweezers and gently pulling them to see if the solder joints of the components are loose or weak.

3) Power-on Inspection

The power-on inspection must be carried out after visual inspection and touch inspection to ensure that there are no errors. This is a critical step in verifying circuit performance.

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