Why PCB is Like a "Chameleon"?

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2023-12-12 17:43:30

Why do we say that PCB is like a "chameleon"? That's because PCB factory in the manufacturing process, some steps will cause the color of the PCB board to change. Let's take a look at which steps can produce interesting phenomena like "chameleon".

In PCB manufacturing, the following main steps are usually experienced:

1. Laminate Copper Foil: The basis of the PCB board is a glass fiber substrate covered with copper foil. The color at this stage is usually the metallic color of the copper foil. (Changeless)

2. Photoresist: Coating a photosensitive photoresist layer on the copper foil. The color of the photoresist layer is usually transparent or light yellow. (Changeless)

3. Exposure: A pattern is formed by exposing the portion to be developed using photolithography. This step usually does not result in a change in the color of the base material. (Changeless)

4. Development: Remove the photoresist layer of the unexposed part through chemical treatment. This can cause the exposed metal layer to take on a color such as golden yellow or silvery white. (Change)

5. Plating: After development, a plating step is usually performed to increase the thickness and protection of the metal layer. This can cause the metal layer to take on a gilded color. (Change)

6. Solder Mask Coating: Apply solder mask to desired areas. The color of the solder mask layer is usually green, red, blue, etc., depending on the PCB design requirements. (Change)

7. Surface Treatment: Coating a metal layer on the pad area to achieve solder connection. This step usually does not have a noticeable effect on the color of the board. (Changeless)

Taken together, the PCB has gone through multiple steps in the manufacturing process, among which the three steps of development, plating and solder mask will cause interesting phenomena like "chameleon" on the PCB.

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