Why Choose Automotive PCB

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2023-09-19 17:46:39

Automotive PCB refers to the PCB used in automotive electronic systems. Automotive electronic systems are becoming more and more popular, so the market demand for PCB manufacturers' automotive PCB is also increasing. They are widely used in many electronic devices and systems of automobiles, including engine control systems, in-vehicle entertainment systems, dashboards, navigation systems, airbag systems, braking systems, etc. So why choose automotive PCB instead of ordinary PCB?

1. Good High Temperature Resistance

Because the temperature inside the car is higher than outside, the PCB need to have better high temperature resistance. If you use an ordinary PCB, it may not be able to withstand the high temperature environment, resulting in circuit failure. The high temperature resistance of automotive PCB can reach above 150°C, so can meet the needs of the automotive industry.

2. Good Vibration Resistance

Because the vehicle will experience bumps and vibrations during driving, the PCB needs to have better anti-vibration performance. If ordinary PCB is used, it is easy to loosen or break, resulting in circuit failure. The use of automotive PCB can withstand shocks and vibrations in different directions to ensure the stability of the circuit.

3. High Security

Because circuit failure may cause vehicle failure, the safety of PCB needs to be guaranteed. Such as brake failure, engine flameout and other problems, endangering the safety of the vehicle. Automotive PCB need to go through a series of tests and certifications to ensure the reliability and safety of the circuit.

4. Save Space

Automotive PCB need to have a smaller volume and higher integration to meet the space requirements of automotive electronic equipment. Such as car navigation, intelligent driving, and driving recorders. The highly integrated PCB can reduce the area of the circuit board, make the circuit board thinner and more compact, and provide more space in the car.

5. Reduce Costs

Automotive PCB can be customized according to different application needs, so unnecessary devices and components can be avoided on the circuit board, thereby reducing costs. In addition, automotive PCB have good stability and reliability, which can reduce maintenance costs and after-sales service expenses.

As mentioned above, if automakers want to design more efficient, safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly automotive electronic systems, improve the performance and quality of automobiles, and enhance user experience, then automotive PCB are a good choice for them. Moreover, automotive PCB can also improve the stability of automotive electronic equipment, reduce maintenance costs and after-sales service costs.

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