How to Distinguish the Quality of the Industrial Control Motherboard

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2023-08-31 17:23:23

The industrial control motherboard is an important part of the industrial control computer. The quality of the industrial control motherboard determines whether the industrial control computer can run for a long time. So how to distinguish the quality of the industrial control motherboard?

1. Motherboard Material

The quality of the industrial control motherboard can be judged by the materials used. The materials used for industrial control motherboards include capacitors, inductors, switch buttons, Debug lights, BIOS, etc. Among them, the number of power supply phases of the CPU on the motherboard is an important indicator for judging. Generally, the more phases, the higher the power supply, the more stable the current, and the smaller the voltage fluctuation. And generally, the more power supply phases the CPU has, the more corresponding inductors and capacitors. Therefore, the number of power supply phases is an important indicator for judging the quality of industrial control motherboard materials. There are also dual BIOS designs on some motherboards. Even if one BIOS is broken, there is another backup. This is also one of the ways to judge whether the motherboard is good or bad.

2. Technology

Good technology is essential for industrial control motherboards, and rough technology will be fatal to industrial control motherboards. When investigating the technology of the motherboard, you should focus on a specific motherboard. Therefore, when you buy a motherboard, you should pay more attention to the details of the motherboard you get. Details such as the motherboard CPU, power supply unit, motherboard memory slots, motherboard disk interfaces, and motherboard expansion slots need to be carefully checked. For example, whether the components on the motherboard are placed neatly, whether the orientation on the motherboard is aligned, and so on.

3. Usability

Ease of use refers to whether the industrial control motherboard is simple and easy in design and use. Whether the design of PCI-E slot lock, PCI-E buckle design, SATA interface, power supply slot, etc. is reasonable, and whether it will affect future use after long-term use, etc.

In addition, because the operating environment of the industrial computer is relatively special, it needs to run continuously and stably for a long time, so the characteristics of long-term stable high-load operation, strong protection ability, and good compatibility are all requirements that need to be met when using an industrial control motherboard.

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