How does the FPC Factory Find the Cause of FPC Failure

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2023-08-29 17:18:20

Due to cost and technical reasons, FPC sometimes has failure problems during production and application. In order to find out the cause of the failure and find a solution to the problem, the FPC factory must conduct a failure analysis on the failure case. So how to find out the cause of FPC failure?

First of all, the FPC factory should pass information collection, functional testing, electrical performance testing, and simple visual inspection to determine the failure location and failure mode of the FPC.

Next, it is necessary to analyze the failure mechanism, that is, use various physical and chemical means to analyze the mechanism that leads to FPC failure or defects, such as virtual welding, pollution, mechanical damage, moisture stress, medium corrosion, fatigue damage, stress overload, etc.

Then, the cause of failure analysis is carried out, that is, to find the cause of the failure mechanism. Generally, the test verification should be carried out as much as possible, so as to find the exact cause of FPC failure.

Finally, the FPC factory will obtain test data, facts and conclusions according to the analysis process, and prepare a failure analysis report. The report requires clear facts, rigorous logical reasoning, and strong organization.

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