What Requirements Should be Met When Using Industrial Control Motherboard

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2023-08-22 17:32:38

Whether it is an ordinary computer or an industrial computer, the motherboard is their core component. The industrial control motherboard has a wider range of applications and a more complex environment. What requirements do industrial control motherboards need to meet during use?

1. Because industrial personal computers have different operating systems, it is necessary to provide X86 industrial control motherboards or ARM industrial control motherboards according to customer needs. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of the environment, the industrial control motherboard has fixed specifications and sizes, which also needs the choose different sizes of the industrial control motherboards according to the needs of customers.

2. The industrial environment is relatively complex, and generally runs continuously for a long time. Therefore, the industrial control motherboard needs to meet the requirements of long-term stable high-load operation, strong protection capability, and good compatibility, and fully guarantee the operation of industrial control equipment.

3. There are many industrial control devices, and different external industrial control devices have different requirements for interfaces, so the interfaces of industrial control boards should be abundant.

4. Because industrial control equipment operates continuously for a long time and the working environment is relatively harsh, the industrial control motherboard must not only meet the above characteristics, but also have good heat dissipation capabilities and adapt to a wide temperature and wide pressure environment.

As mentioned above, the motherboard is the core of industrial control equipment, and its quality determines the overall performance, service life and function expansion capability of an industrial control equipment to a certain extent. HoYoGo is an international, professional and reliable PCB manufacturer. All products are strictly in accordance with IPC-A-600-H and IPC-6012 acceptance standards, which can guarantee the quality and reliability of each product delivered to customers.