What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of FPC Cable

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2023-08-15 17:37:38

FPC cable refers to a group of connecting wires that can be bent to a certain extent. Its base material is generally rolled copper, and its function is to connect two related parts or products. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of FPC cables?


The use of FPC cables can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, which is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization and high reliability. Therefore, FPC cables have been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other fields or products. In addition, it can be arranged arbitrarily according to the requirements of the spatial layout, and can be moved and expanded arbitrarily in the three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection.


In the process of producing FPC products in the FPC factory, the cost should be considered more. Because FPC cables are designed and manufactured for special applications, the initial circuit design and wiring costs are relatively high. Later maintenance is also essential, but the change and maintenance of FPC cables are more difficult than rigid PCB.

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