What are the Types of PCBA Conformal Coating

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2023-08-03 17:41:55

PCBA conformal coating is a kind of protective coating, which will form a transparent protective film after curing to protect PCBA from environmental erosion. PCBA factories generally classify the types of PCBA conformal coatings according to the solvent content.

1. Solvent-based Conformal Coating

Solvent-based conformal coating is a coating made of organic solvents as a dispersion medium, and it is also the type of conformal coatings used most by PCBA factories. Solvent-based conformal coating has the advantages of good protective effect, cheap price, and easy repair. Its disadvantage is that it contains volatile toxic gases.

The solvent types of solvent-based conformal coatings mainly include hydrocarbon solvents, oxygen-containing solvents and water solvents.

1. Hydrocarbon solvents are mixtures of materials of different molecular weights, such as aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons.

2. Oxygenated solvents refer to solvents containing oxygen atoms in their molecules. Compared with the three, this solvent is the most widely used.

3. Aqueous solvents use water as a solvent.

2. Solvent-free conformal coating

Solvent-free three conformal coatings refer to three conformal coatings that do not contain any solvents. Because the solvent-free conformal coating is 100% solid content, it has a high viscosity and a hard texture. It needs to be sprayed by a heatable and high-pressure spraying machine during coating. The solvent-free conformal coating has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and no harmful gas will be produced during the coating process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

To sum up, different types of conformal coatings have their own different characteristics, and their viscosities will also vary. The conformal coatings with different viscosities also need to use different coating methods of the conformal coatings. For example, the conformal coatings with high viscosity are not suitable for brush coating.

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