HoYoGo's Birthday Party in June 2023

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2023-08-01 17:36:12

In June, without the coolness and laziness of spring, there is a touch of heat and passion in summer. The temperature has risen sharply, but what fills us is the same enthusiasm. On the 21st of June, just as the Dragon Boat Festival was approaching, HoYoGo ushered in a birthday party in June. Everyone released their love with joy and enjoyed this happy time to the fullest.

First, Mr. Liu spoke:

He first shared with us some thoughts on children’s education: He believes that it is necessary to cultivate children's correct mentality, pay attention to children's emotional needs, and give them enough care and support so that they can feel the warmth and happiness of the family as they grow up.

Then he shared with us the topic of happiness: Happiness is actually very simple, it depends on one's inner experience. Different people have different standards for happiness, but one thing is certain: That is lazy will affect happiness. Laziness affects happiness. Emotions and desires can also affect the sense of well-being, especially too much desire can make it difficult to calm down.

He also mentioned: In this ever-changing VUCA era, in order to obtain a more happy life, we need to adjust our mentality first. We should be recognizing that we are deficient in some areas, but are superior in others. By observing the friends around us, we can adjust our mentality, work hard and take good care of our families.

Yumi Spoke:

She was delighted that we had three months of excellent performance. It’s a team achievement and everyone did a great job. We have to constantly review our responsibilities, what needs to be improved, and how we can do better in our position.

She also said, as long as we have good thinking, good behavior and good habits, then we will have good fate. This fate will continue to favor us, our work, and our inner happiness.

Performance and Reward:

Through everyone's joint efforts and collaboration, the company encouraged and rewarded those who performed well in May. May they all continue to work hard!

Issue Birthday Gift:

The company carefully prepared all kinds of birthday gifts for the birthday staffs, and Mr. Liu presented the gifts to them and congratulated them on their happy birthday!

Congratulations on achieving full membership status:

Congratulations to our new team member on officially joining HOYOGO as a full-time employee! May we start a new chapter of a better life together!

Every delicacy in the depths of memory carries emotional concerns, memories of years and growth of life. This kind of love, accompanied by every meal, has a long aftertaste in the mouth. HoYoGo people got together and enjoyed these hearty treats.

Birthday Celebration:

Birthday cake is indispensable~

Everyone sang the birthday song together, hope every wish can come true, wish them happiness in every day, and wish birthday staffs a happy birthday, not only on their birthdays!

The fifth day of May is a traditional festival in our country - the Dragon Boat Festival. When you can smell the fragrance of folium artemisiae argyi, it is almost the Dragon Boat Festival. Since ancient times, the Dragon Boat Festival has the custom of hanging mugwort and calamus to repel mosquitoes, prevent diseases, ward off harm and pray for blessings. We pray in the traditional way, wishing everyone all the best, good luck and good health!

Open the zongzi and take a bite. No matter how far away from home, it can always remind us of the taste of home. It makes people feel surrounded by happiness, connected with good luck, and enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival in good health.

Although the whole birthday party was short, it was warm and enthusiastic. Finally, wish you all the best in the future development and more brilliant achievements! May HoYoGo will get better and better and flourish! At the same time, we also wish everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival and have a happy holiday!